Break Through
2016, Berlin
Plugged: Trolling / Unplugged: Scaling / Where: Commercial / How: Invited

Inspired by the buisness card from the film "American Psycho." An oversized reproduction (60cm x 110cm) on paper made from toilet paper installed for a group show in Berlin.

Edition of 5 + 2AP, price available upon request

1.the-wa-break-through-c5e6959bc9c63cec32bf8b6310cc04d0 2.the-wa-break-through-e1f6df197c41e6b583329b37f31080ae 3.the-wa-break-through-45c62a97f816cc1effacef98f2eec95d 4.the-wa-break-through-9b51bb0efdb1ea0354d98466980ca6cd 5.the-wa-break-through-a7b09ed30a792dec8c8ebfde3d861343

Thanks : Giada , Laureline